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Why Detox?

There can be a lot of confusion and misconception surrounding detox and what actually constitutes an effective detox program.

Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions is that detox is difficult, dangerous or even stressful.  There are many detox programs on the market today, as the detox craze seems to have become the latest health 'fad', however as can be the case with many health products, not all detox programs on the market are necessarily effective, safe and worth the money, delivering often empty promises.

The greatest challenge associated with detox seems to come from choosing the right program, as many detox products use inferior quality ingredients or encourage consumers to consume sugar syrup and water with lemon, claiming rapid weight loss and effective detoxification.  The truth is this type of approach to detox is not only just expensive sugar, but the gross restriction of calories whilst on this form of detox, actually slows the metabolic rate down so that any initial 'weight' lost (often the vast majority of weight loss on these types of programs is fluid) is put back on after normal eating is resumed.

The second issue with liquid only style detox diets is that aside from being very impractical and difficult to sustain, they do nothing to educate you on how to adopt long term healthy eating, which is why so many people who try liquid only detox diets, rebound badly into bad eating habits from over powering hunger pangs and cravings due to not eating enough healthy food during the detox period.

The most important thing to understand is that detox is all about adopting a healthy eating program and professionally supported supplement regime for a designated period of time, to aid the effective elimination of toxins from our body, namely the liver and bowel. It's that simple and there is nothing dangerous about healthy eating to support optimal liver and bowel function! 

Why the need to detox?

As a consequence of living in the modern world with environmental pollutants, eating too many processed, nutrient deficient foods, daily consumption of coffee, drinking too much alcohol, smoking and generally being exposed to too many chemicals and toxins in every day products and medications, the human body is constantly being exposed to excessive levels of toxins & the harmful effects these have on our health over time. By taking the time to detox 1 -2 x's per year, you will assist your body to safely and effectively eliminate  accumulated toxins and relieve your liver and digestive system. 

The liver performs one of the most vital roles in the body, being responsible for the elimination of toxic substances from our body.  The final journey for excess toxins and waste is via the kidney and bowels, eliminating toxins in the form of human waste.
If any or all of these organs fail to function at an optimal level, excess waste and toxins can build up in our system, producing many of the day to day ailments that so many of us suffer. 

How Do I know if I need to Detox?

If you answer yes to more than 3 of the following questions then this is an indication  your body would benefit from undertaking my recommended detox programs

  • Do you consume more than 6 units of alcohol per week
  • Do you regularly feel tired and lethargic?
  • Do you regularly experience abdominal discomfort, bloating or flatulence
  • Do you commonly experience pain from headaches or arthritis ?
  • Do you suffer from regular constipation or diarrhoea?
  • Do you suffer bad breath
  • Are you carrying excess weight or are finding it difficult to lose weight?
  • Do you commonly suffer from sinus congestion or hay fever
  • Is your complexion dull, dark circles under your eyes or do you suffer skin conditions including acne, eczema or psoriasis?
  • Do you experience regular PMS? (painful periods, mood changes)
  • Do you regularly consume processed / fast foods including artificial additives and preservatives?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes ?
  • Do you consume caffeine daily?
  • Do you regularly use pharmaceutical medications, including the Pill, anti inflammatories, pain killers, blood pressure & cholesterol medication?
  • Do you use chemical based skin care & hygiene products?
  • Do you regularly with clean with common household products?
  • Are you regularly exposed to environmental pollutants from car exhausts and smog, eg live or work in the city?

If you regularly experience any of these symptoms then its time you kick started your health with a DETOXNOW detoxification program

How do I detox?

By embarking on a professionally designed detox program, devised by renowned Clinical Nutritionist Sally Joseph, you will be taking the first step in supporting your body to rebalance and restore to its optimal level of health.

I have devised 4 levels of detox, depending on your desired health goals and needs.

All of the programs include a copy of my booklet 'Begin a Healthy Life in 28 Days', a  comprehensive guide to:

  • 3 day juice and vegetable broth - the fastest way to alkalise your body
  • A gallbladder cleanse to improve fat digestion and metabolism
  • Foods that aid detoxification and help you  to burn fat
  • Acid and alkalising food chart
  • Quality nutritional supplements to aid detox and heal your digestive system
  • How to maintain healthy eating beyond detox
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Grocery shopping guide
  • Tasty recipes for detox

and much more
The nutritional supplements that come with each detox pack vary in their action and strength so you should choose which pack is best for you, based on your desired health goals and level of health, not just by price, the more comprehensive the pack the more comprehensive the outcome!  To read more about the different detox packs, click through to Purchase my detox pack here
If you need any help in choosing the right detox pack for you, contact us, we would be happy to help.

The different detox programs will teach you how to adopt a balanced and preventative approach to your health, whilst still being able to carry out your daily work and activities. You can even eat out at restaurants on the program and enjoy learn how to make healthy deserts from my recipes!

It’s just a case of learning what foods are good for your liver and what foods place excess stress on it.  After completing the detox program, your body will be able to handle the demands of a busy lifestyle without the negative effects on our health.  You will also have  a deeper understanding about what foods are good for your health and those that are best avoided

Why should I choose the DETOXNOW detoxification program ?

The DETOX NOW detoxification program is one of the most effective and comprehensive detoxification programs on the market, with a proven track record of success in achieving effective detoxification.

My detoxification programs incorporate products that are scientifically researched, using the  premium quality raw ingredients to effectively detox the liver and bowel and repair your digestion.

The supplement market is largely oversupplied with an array of inferior, untested, sub-therapeutic products.  All the detoxification products supplied on this site have been tried and tested by clinical Nutritionist Sally Joseph on 1000’s of patients over the past ten years proving to be the most effective in aiding detoxification with the backup of scientific research. 

The  detoxification programs also offer the option of professional support & guidance through online, phone or in-clinic consultations, with qualified Clinical Nutritionist Sally Joseph.   Book a consultation

How long should I detox for?

We recommend following the detox guidelines strictly for a minimum of 2 weeks, and optimally for 4 weeks in order to provide your body with the best chance to effectively respond to the program and achieve maximum, lasting results with your health. My website offers 24 hr access to support from nutritionist Sally Joseph, so any questions you may have along the way can be dealt with through a phone or email consultation for 15 minutes or more.

What to expect during the detoxification process

At the start of a detoxification program you may experience the following symptoms, or if they are already in existence, they may be exacerbated by the effects of the detox –

  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Increased or loose bowel motions
  • Skin break outs
  • Aching joints and muscles
  • Mood swings / mild depression.  

Of course not everyone experiences these possible symptoms and the severity of detoxification symptoms is usually determined by the degree of toxicity within your body.  If you are unsure of any symptoms you are experiencing please contact us and we will advise you further.  if in doubt please stop all DETOXNOW supplements until further consultation.

After the first week or two on the detox program, you should start to feel more energized, and any pre-existing symptoms or symptoms associated with detox should start to ease, however in more complex cases, this may take longer.  

What will I experience after completing a detoxification program?

The result will depend which detox program you purchased, obviously  the more comprehensive the program , the greater the result, but we promise if you follow any of the detox programs designed by Nutritionist Sally Joseph, you will get results.
The ultimate response to detox includes:

  • An overall feeling of wellbeing and vitality
  • Increased energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved immunity
  • Regular bowel movements with greater absorption of nutrients. 
  • You will wake feeling more rejuvenated, after a deeper sleep
  • Your hair should be shinier and stronger
  • You should start to digest and metabolise your food more effectively - less bloating and flatulence
  • Weight loss and an ability to sustain a stable weight providing you maintain the recommended healthy eating habit
  • Improved mental clarity and your mood more stable
  • Ladies should experience easier periods or menopause

And much more